Blue The Dive was founded in 2013 by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association, the Colorado Ocean Coalition, and Ocean First Institute.

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Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA): The purpose of CSRA is to create a platform where dive retailers can work together to grow the market so that everyone benefits. They proactively help grow the dive industry by coop marketing, sharing their collective experiences, share input and solutions with other dive retailers, manufacturers and industry stakeholders.

Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO): COCO was founded in 2010 by Vicki Nichols Goldstein, and is a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.  COCO’s goal is to connect and engage people living inland in both local and national ocean conservation efforts and to inspire the inland community to be stewards of the ocean. They achieve this by leading the community of individuals to: understand our connection to the ocean, unite through shared conservation values, and advocate and celebrate actions that promote a healthy ocean.  COCO runs a number of innovative community based initiatives including the Ocean Ambassador Certification Program, Blue Drinks, Making WAVES and the Inland Ocean Movement.

Ocean First Institute (OFI): Ocean First Institute believes a healthy ocean is a healthy planet. The organization uses novel strategies in science and education to provide pathways for people to take action and make smart decisions that protect our ocean. For a number of years, the founders have been developing sustainability best practices for the dive industry to increase sales, attract new customers and preserve our livelihood. Ocean First Institute created and administers the Dive Center Standard, a sustainability management program open to all dive centers. This program is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the leading international body for developing and managing sustainability best practices.