The Plan

As stakeholders within the dive industry, we recognize the many groups already working toward ocean protection and conservation.  Our goal is to provide a platform for all of us to work collaboratively on unifying these efforts.  To Blue The Dive we will share resources to facilitate the development and expansion of sustainable business practices within our industry.

Since it’s creation a core team of individuals from the three founding organizations has been meeting regularly in Colorado to organize and ignite Blue The Dive.  In October, 2014 the consensus statement was drafted and finalized, and as of November 3, 2014 Blue The Dive campaign is officially launched.  Collection of signatures to support the initiative has begun – sign the pledge to support Blue The Dive!

As the initiative continues to take shape and grow, we invite YOU to join in this collective move forward.

These ideas and transformations within the industry are continuing to take place. By attending this meeting you have the opportunity for your group to be represented, to join in on the conversation, and to be heard. Together we can Blue The Dive – we sincerely hope to see you there!