As a collective move forward, our mission is to promote a strong and unified voice for ocean protection driven by the scuba and dive community.


Consensus Statement

Blue the Dive is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), The Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), and Ocean First Institute (OFI) to engage and support the dive industry to protect the ocean through education, action, and sustainable business practices.

Our ocean is in greater peril than ever before from overfishing, pollution, acidification, changing climates, coastal development, invasive species and a host of other threats.

As dive industry professionals, recreational scuba divers, freedivers, snorkelers, swimmers, and ocean enthusiasts, we are in the unique position to witness the continuing deterioration, including the adverse impacts from our own industry. We all depend on a healthy ocean.

Environmentally sustainable business practices are good for business. They increase profits, attract more customers, and secure the future of our industry.

We have the opportunity and it is our responsibility to take a leadership role in protecting our ocean and preserving it for future generations. By unifying, we have the ability to shift the paradigm of how the dive industry interacts with and protects our most valuable resource, the ocean.

We agree to these overarching goals:

  1.  Improve dive industry sustainability and conservation practices.
  2. Create a more informed and educated consumer to improve the way our communities interact with the ocean.
  3. Improve dive industry manufacturing and supply chain sustainability business practices to reduce waste and increase efficiency and profits.
  4.  Support scientific research and actions that protect our ocean resources.