Blue The Dive was founded in 2013 by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), and Ocean First Institute (OFI).  During a roundtable discussion at COCO’s Making WAVES 2013 event in Boulder, Colorado, it became apparent that there was a need to further engage and support the dive industry to protect the ocean through education, action, and sustainable business practices.

Since its creation a core team of individuals from these organizations has been meeting regularly in Colorado to further organize and ignite this initiative.  Driven by their passion for marine science education and ocean conservation this group continues to work diligently to blue the dive.

DEMA Convention, Florida, 2015: As our idea began to grow in to a full organizational movement, consensus was reached at the DEMA 2015 meeting about working within the dive industry with stakeholders that are the leaders in environmental sustainability. Our goal and take away from this latest meeting is to connect these environmental stewards with industry stakeholders who need guidance in best practices, so we can grow together as an industry.  

DEMA Convention, Las Vegas, 2014: With a wave of support from the last DEMA meeting, the Blue the Dive team organized a round-table discussion about best practices within the dive industry at their annual DEMA meeting. Over 100 industry stakeholders attended the meeting where team leaders broke in to workshop groups, where stakeholder groups discussed sustainability needs in the travel, training, manufacturing, and media spaces within the dive industry. 

DEMA Convention, Florida 2013: At the Dive Equipment Manufactures Association (DEMA) trade show in November 2013, Blue The Dive held an open meeting drawing in new participants including international eco-resorts, non-profit groups, dive shop owners, scientists and policymakers. A consensus was reached: the time has come to organize and act, and furthermore, to take on the challenge and responsibility for protecting our marine environment.

Making WAVES, Boulder, CO 2013: During the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s Making WAVES 2013 event, dive industry stakeholders and environmental specialists came together to discuss how the ocean is changing and what could be done by the group to better communicate and speak up for its protection. By the end of the meeting, it was clear to the participants that there was strong potential to organize divers and ocean enthusiasts to speak up for change within the industry.